SQL - Live Online

SQL - Live Online


Learn how to write queries from scratch; Master uptil Advanced Joins, Sub Queries & more


Basic knowledge of computers. Any exposure to Microsoft Excel would be an added plus.

Faculty Profile

Vibhor Gupta.
Founder & Director of Weekendr & Mobiquel. B.E (IT) from NSIT with over 12+ years of Industry Experience in delivering software solutions globally. Has taught close to 3000+ students & professionals on Software Development in Android, Java, SQL & Python.


  • Why SQL, RDBMS Concepts, ACID Properties
  • Basic SQL Queries, CRUD in SQL
  • How to create a Simple Database, Creating and Running SQL Queries
  • Select Query and multiple variants
  • SQL Functions and How to apply
  • Group By, SQL Joins, Subqueries
  • Stored Procedures
  • Case Statements, Window Functions
  • Using SQL in MS Excel
  • Connecting Python with SQL & Plotting Data